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Jianghu Double Cannon
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"The girl said so, I am even more ashamed, all blame my experience is not wide, unexpectedly did not smell is that kind of seductive medicine." To the wronged girl. Shen Ye said apologetically. All right, all right, you two are still full of boys and girls. It's time to change your names! The poisonous fox looked at Shen Ye with a smile: "Sir, it's your turn to express it!" "We are not secular people, as long as the girl does not mind, this matter has been decided, I have nothing to do at present, temporarily use this jade pendant as a token to show sincerity." He took out the imperial jade pendant from his bosom and gave it to Yaotai Xianji: "After dealing with the dart silver incident, I will ask the two demons of the underworld and my brother to come forward and propose marriage to your brother." Yaotai Xianji took the jade pendant shyly and happily, and saw that there was a yellow dragon relief on the jade pendant,plastic pallet manufacturer, which was lifelike, so she thought it was something passed by his family to ward off evil spirits. She seemed to fondly touch and enjoy it, and when her fingers touched the dent on the reverse side, she could not help turning it over and looking at it, only to see the eight characters engraved with "Chongzhen Jade Pendant,drum spill pallet, like a couplet in person", she was stunned. Seeing this, Shen Ye was afraid of causing misunderstanding, so he immediately explained the cause and effect of getting the jade pendant in detail to clear up the doubts of the two women. Ha-ha! What a wonderful thing! Poisonous Fox Jiao said with a smile, "I'm a bachelor in Jianghu. I'm the manager of the Hou Mansion. No one will believe it." "You can't do it if you want to." Shen Ye said with a smile, "When the work is done, I'll return the jade pendant and the title of Mighty Marquis to the emperor. I'll still be my prodigal son in Jianghu. *** his Mighty Marquis!" "Who is Big Brother's adopted brother?" Yaotai Xianji has changed her name to his eldest brother: "Why haven't you mentioned it?" "He is Li Shijie, the governor of Nanjing. His office is in Zhenjiang. You will certainly see him in the future." "The governor is a military general. Is he two feet tall and his eyes are like brass bells.." Yao Tai Xianji asked with a charming smile. You've probably seen a lot of plays, and you think the generals are all like this. He's a Confucian general. He's got a good figure, he's handsome, collapsible pallet bin ,ibc spill containment pallet, and he's got a sense of humor. You'll like him when you see him. "Sir, did you just mention the two demons of the underworld?" Asked the poisonous fox. Yes "How many pairs of people in Jianghu are nicknamed the two demons of the underworld?" "This is the only one, no other semicolon!" "Yes!" "Aren't they my enemies?"? What did you say just now to ask them to come forward. "When did I say they were my enemies?" Aren't they always after you? Besides, I saw you fighting with my own eyes that night. "Sister Jin, you don't know the inside story." "No wonder you feel strange," said Yaotai Xianji. "The two demons of the underworld are my brother's sworn brothers and also my brother's servants. It was my brother who sent them to the Fengshen Society to go undercover. Of course their fight was fake." My God! I'm really good. The poisonous fox exclaimed, "No wonder you can feel the house of the Hu family clearly. The actions of the two demons in the underworld are so lifelike. They are violent, greedy and unreasonable.." "In the future we are all our own people, some things need to tell you, Shen Ye is just my alias, my real name is Shen Zhongyu, another identity is.." "He is the messenger of retribution and the mysterious killer who should go down to the 18 layers of hell." As the sound fell, Ren Shen, dressed as a drunken maniac, pushed the door and entered. At the sight of Yao Tai Xianji, I couldn't help being very happy. Amitabha, Miss Fu, you can come back safely. Your brother and sister-in-law were so anxious that they almost hanged themselves! The old drunkard has been busy all night outside and has no clue. Did the young man save you? Yaotai Xianji said the situation of being rescued to the drunkard again, but she hid the beautiful experience. Hearing this, the drunkard shook his head and said disapprovingly, "Why don't you take the opportunity to kill Thunder Jianrong and keep him as a treasure?" "Don't kill him now. Keeping him is very useful!" Shen Ye laughed and said, "Xiong'er Villa and Huayang Villa have been on bad terms. Keeping him can give him a chance to carry out his scheming. Let them fight and create more riots. The wider the scope involved." The more people are caught in this whirlpool, the more their strength is contained by each other, which reduces the pressure of protecting the dart. "The old drunkard really didn't expect it to be so far-reaching. It was a very clever move.".
But you have to take advantage of the opportunity to stir up the fire. Make things as big as possible. It's better to make a raging fire and seize the opportunity to beat all those greedy ghosts in the 18 layers of hell! Drunken advice. Grandpa! Poisonous Fox says doubtfully: "a moment ago somebody seems to pull my home father and retribution messenger together, how is this to return a responsibility?" "He is the messenger of retribution who killed thousands of knives!" The drunkard stared and said angrily. Ah! You said my grandfather was the mysterious killer! The poisonous fox said in surprise. Yaotai Xianji was even more tongue-tied. She seemed to be dreaming. The man who would be entrusted to her for life in the future was originally a Jianghu ronin. Later, he became an official of the imperial court. Now he has become the most legendary figure in Jianghu, a mysterious killer and a messenger of retribution. Don't you know that the messenger of retribution is the embodiment of justice? I admire him very much! "How can you say that he is a sorrowful ghost, and that he is a murderer?" The poisonous fox said unjustly. The ghost's messenger of justice. It's true that he specializes in bullying the weak. "Who is weak?" The poisonous fox asked with a smile. My old drunkard master and apprentice. "Ha ha, the old man is really good at telling jokes." The poisonous fox laughed and said, "Who doesn't know that you are a difficult person in Jianghu! Claiming to be weak? What a laugh! "It's not funny." He said angrily, "At the Ping'an Hotel in Nanjing,plastic pallet suppliers, the young man suddenly appeared in front of us as a messenger of retribution. He scared my precious disciples out of their urine. In addition, there were four girls who were also scared out of cold sweat. Do you think it is abominable?" The drunkard detailed the situation at that time, and heard Yaotai Xianji and the poisonous fox bend over with laughter. It's your fault. Who told you to dig up other people's roots behind their backs? Yaotai Xianji is also scolding him for his faults. The problem is that I didn't dig out his roots! Now I don't even know his teacher! 。