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How to make a presentation
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Three simple tips  from the write my paper service that will definitely come in handy in order not to make mistakes when designing your slides. 1. Don't overload your slides with text. Remember that the main purpose of a presentation is to illustrate information, not to copy and paste all the text. 2. Pay attention to colors , their compatibility and readability of text on a colored background.
Avoid too bright, acidic and catchy colors.
3. Double-check the information on the slides several times. Before presenting it to the public, demonstrate it to the teacher and agree with him.
I hope our tips will help you prepare a really high-quality presentation, which will be a great addition to the abstract itself. Do not have time to write an essay urgently and make a presentation to it? The authors of the service will provide you with first-class help in writing!
The title page of the abstract - a sample, design in accordance with methodology in 2022
Each student's work, especially an abstract, must have a title page. Moreover, it must be well-formed in compliance with the formatting rules, and also contain all the necessary information.
In fact, teachers betray him too much importance, and whether it is right or not is not for us to decide. However, every student is obliged to know the features and be able to correctly draw up student work.
Why is a title page needed?
Mainly the title page plays the role of presentation. It contains the key part of the entire work, acting as her business card, and reflects information about the author of the abstract, his supervisor, and also about the educational institution.
Data such as the specialty studied, the student's faculty, and the course of study are indicated. Of course, the title page includes the main theme of the work, the subject of research and the year when the work was completed.
Without paying due attention to the design of the title bar, you can easily get a low score says assignment buy writers. In prestigious higher education institutions, an illiterate title page can be the reason why the work will not even be read by the teacher.
Requirements for the title page of the abstract according to methodology
The composition of the exemplary title page of the abstract should include the following items (all without exception):
  • name of the university (full and exact);
  • name of the department;
  • subject;
  • topic of the abstract;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the author;
  • number of course and group;
  • form of education: part-time, full-time or evening;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the teacher and his position, regalia;
  • locality;
  • the year the work was written.
As in any other case, the title page is considered part of the work, but is not numbered. The font size and style requirements are the same (fourteenth Times New Roman), as are line spacing (1.15-1.5) with margins of 20 mm top and bottom, 30 mm for the left, and 10 for the right.
Making a list of references in the abstract. Example
Registration of bibliographic references in the text of the abstract
How to check an abstract for plagiarism
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