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Mecha farmers
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As soon as Xiao Yukong and others entered it, the five mighty battleships immediately set sail and left the satellite port of Paradise Star, flying towards the depths of the vast space. Daddy, this man seems to be not simple, calm and intelligent, and his own strength is also very strong! Xiao Yan analyzed. Xiao Zhengtu walked to the window with his hands behind his back and looked out of the window at the flying cars coming and going, saying, "Strength?"? Do you mean the organizational strength behind him or his own strength? "Both!"! Behind is very mysterious, oneself is very powerful, I have detected his life value, unexpectedly more than 800000, more than 50000 higher than Daddy, such a person is terrible! Xiao > | There is a trace of curiosity in God. Baby, don't forget that ginger is still old and hot. Besides, if he can't drive a mecha, it's useless. After all, many power warriors have high life value. Xiao Zhengtu's confidence is no weaker than that of any young man. Then the door of the office was knocked,polyfoil tube, and then three people came in. They were all the confidants of Xiao Zhengtu, the Lord of Heaven. They were Finance Minister Ben Hua, Military Minister Lin Ji, and Intelligence Minister Ritter. There you are! Xiao Zhengtu had expected to say. See Lord Star! The three ministers answered respectfully. Don't be too polite. I invited you three this time. You should know what it is for, right? Xiao Zhengtu's gentle face has never seen any significant change. It brings people a sense of oppression and tension far more than those guys with ferocious faces. Lin Ji, Minister of Military Aircraft,pump tube, bowed slightly and said, "Lord Star, now the situation is beginning to become clear in the turbulence. The trend of the strength of all parties has been initially positioned. Even if there is a change in the general direction in the future, it is impossible to have any change.". Now is our best chance to annex the small countries around us! "Well, the situation has changed. We need to make a little adjustment. Recently, a new force has suddenly emerged. Their purpose may be the same as ours!" Xiao Zhengtu said slowly. If it gets in our way, it's clear! The minister of military aircraft obviously did not understand what Xiao Zhengtu meant. Well, since there are allies who think like us, why should we be clear about it! I used to be most afraid of loneliness, but now I am even more afraid when I am old. It has always been my hope to have someone to accompany me on the road. Our expansion should not conflict with the expansion of this emerging force as far as possible. If some friction inevitably occurs, it should be resolved as far as possible. It is much faster for both sides to encroach on those small countries than for our family to encroach on them. Our ultimate goal is to annex all the small countries and form a powerful country that can compete with the seven powers and the Mecha Association. If such a country can become two, it will be better! Xiao Zhengtu's soft eyes shed a warm light. Intelligence Minister Ritter said carefully, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic packaging tube, "Lord Star means to develop together to achieve a win-win situation and reduce our own pressure and burden!" Xiao Zhengtu nodded slightly and said, "that's what it means at the moment!"! How are the preparations for the expansion going? Ritter immediately reported, "Everything is ready, as long as the Lord's word, we can immediately launch a blitzkrieg to the three countries, within three days they can all be occupied, within a month to give the people a taste of sweetness, so that most of the former countries are willing to give up!" "Do we have enough money?" Xiao Zhengtu asked with concern. Finance Minister Ben Hua, who had not spoken all the time, finally had a chance to open his mouth. He replied, "Lord Star, please rest assured that we have accounts in all major international banks. At the same time, we have a large amount of blue gold in the VIP area of Xingyu Bank as backing. In fact, as long as Lord Star is willing, we can even use money to buy a country and have extra money for luxurious national construction!" "Haha, buying is never as practical and reliable as robbing, force is the best threat, and then use money to soothe people's fear, that can really get their support!"! Money alone can only make people fawn on the powerful, not really close to you, once your money is gone, you will be abandoned, it will be very pitiful, Benhua you can not report such an idea! Xiao Zhengtu burst out laughing.
"The Lord of the Stars taught me a lesson!" Ben Hua felt nervous for no reason. He had seen Xiao Zhengtu kill the former finance minister with a gentle smile on his face. It was said that it was only because the minister had said a wrong word. Therefore, in front of the star master who seemed to have no temper, Ben Hua dared not make any mistakes, because he wanted to kill himself and pinch an ant to death. All right, you all go down and launch a full-scale attack the day after tomorrow. I only give you three days. If you can't take these three insignificant countries in three days, don't come back to see me! Xiao Zhengtu waved his hand, and the three ministers immediately retreated. Daddy, you are so imposing! Xiao Yan, who had been standing next to her, said tiresomely. How can you not show off in front of your daughter? Parents always show off something in front of their children for them to worship, right, my good daughter! How interesting Xiao Zhengtu said cheerfully. If only my mother were around! Xiao Yan suddenly said sadly. Xiao Zhengtu gently hugged his daughter's slightly shaking shoulder and said, "Daughter, you must believe Dad, Dad will get your mother back again!" "I wonder how mom is doing now!?" Xiao Yan's voice became a little choked up. Five well-prepared battleships flew slowly forward under the stars. They were not very far from their destination. The speed was deliberately reduced. The whole journey took less than half a day. We're actually going to attack two countries this time! They are also the two countries with weaker military strength among the nineteen countries surrounding the Death Star Belt. The most important thing is that there is still a fierce war between the two countries. Before the negotiation of Renar,plastic packing tube, the two countries had a deep grudge. Later, they were forced to unite. Six months ago, they finally broke up and war broke out! Xiaofeng explained while drawing on the holographic interstellar map. Chapter three hundred and forty-mysterious allies.