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Sanfujin's injury was completely healed after a month, and this month, for the sake of face, she really stayed indoors. Su Wanchun pregnant for more than two months, this time better, and did not produce morning sickness, but began to picky eaters, only eat spicy. With the concept of sour children and hot girls, Su Wanchun and Yin Zhen agreed that they were daughters! As soon as Hong Hui thought that he was going to have a younger sister, he said excitedly to his younger brothers, "My younger sister will be very cute and beautiful, wearing a big red flower!" "Let's pick flowers for my sister." Hong Shi said happily. I haven't been born yet. My sister will be born next year. Let's wear a big red flower for my sister. If someone bullies my sister, we must protect my sister! Hong Hui had a younger brother, so he wanted his younger sister. He thought her must be the loveliest girl in the world! "What do you name your sister?" Hong Yun asked. I don't know. Hong Hui is puzzled. The soft and cute Hong Shi blinked his eyes and took Hong Hui by the hand. "Elder brother, can my sister be called the Great Sage Equaling Heaven?" "Why?" Hong Hui thinks it's not good for a girl to have this name, right? "How domineering! Others dare not bully my sister." Hiroshi thinks his name is great! Hong Hui thought about it and clapped his hands: "Yes, with such a name,brass tube fitting, no one dares to bully our sister!" "Will Amma agree?" Hong Yun asked. We called secretly, and when my sister understood, Ama naturally agreed. "Good!" Hong Yun and Hong Shi agreed with a smile. Hong Hui thought that after his sister was born, when others heard the name of his sister, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, they were scared shitless, and they felt that he was the best brother in the world! "Big Brother is the best!" The two brothers made up another bowl of chicken soup. Of course,ball valve manufacturer, I'm the elder brother! Yes, I am a good brother! The Yellow Lady sitting in the tree laughed so hard that she was about to smoke. These three children would really kill their sister! In the twinkling of an eye to midsummer, Su Wanchun was pregnant for three and a half months, at the same time the doctor also checked out, this time pregnant with two, but also Gege! Hearing that there were two daughters, Yin Zhen hurriedly ordered people to prepare pink clothes, saying that he would dress up his daughter beautifully. Su Wan Chun looked at the finished clothes, can not help but Jiong: the original Yin Zhen's aesthetic, is the legendary straight male aesthetic, girls do not necessarily like pink and red good cut?! Hong Hui took his younger brothers to hide on the other side of the rockery for a meeting: "We have two younger sisters. One is called Qi Tian and the other is called the Great Sage. It's just perfect." "Listen to my brother. The first sister born is called Qi Tian, and the second is called the Great Sage." Hong Yun said. Well, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, that's settled. Don't let anyone know. Hong Hui exhorted. Hong Shi nodded forcefully: "Don't worry, I'm the third brother, and I'll keep the secret!" "Let's pull the hook." "Good!" The three brothers secretly decided the name again! Kangxi once again recognized Su Wanchun, pregnant with twins twice in a row, is really a royal miracle! Therefore, Kangxi changed the law to reward a lot of supplements, successfully for Su Wanchun pulled enough hatred! Sanfujin touched his stomach and said to Mammy Shang, who had recovered her arm, "Go and get ready. Ben Fujin doesn't want her to have another baby!" "嗻 . "  Mammy Shang walked away with a cold face. Su Wanchun took a walk in her garden, this time much more relaxed than Hongyun and Hongshi at that time, and walked less laboriously. Aji followed Su Wanchun carefully, fearing that there would be a little mistake. Aggie, I'm a little thirsty. Please prepare some tea for me. I'll sit by the pond for a while. Su Wanchun can be said to be quite at ease with her family. Ok Aggie walked away with a smile. Su Wanchun looked at the koi swimming from the pond, picked up the pebbles on the ground, and gently threw them to the surface of the water, scaring the koi to swim away. Xiao Xizi pays his respects to Fu Jin. Xiaoxizi came from the side. When Su Wanchun saw that Xiao Xizi seemed to have grown taller, she asked kindly, "I've been in the palace for so long. Are you still used to living here?" "I'm used to it. Fujin and Big Brother are very good to slaves." Xiaoxizi said in a simple and honest way. That's good.
"This child is so pitiful. I hope I can learn more in the future and change my way of life.". Little Xizi came to the pond, looked at the koi inside, and asked, "Fujin, is the fish inside very precious?" Su Wanchun turned to take a look and said with a smile, "I don't understand either. It shouldn't be too expensive." Xiaoxizi suddenly turned his head and stared at Su Wanchun. He stretched out his hand and pushed her to the pond: "Fujin, don't blame me. I can't help it either!" Su Wanchun did not guard against Xiaoxizi at all, plus sitting on the edge of the pond, was firmly pushed into the pond by Xiaoxizi! "Wan Chun!" Huang Niangzi, who was walking towards the garden, saw this scene and rushed over. Xiaoxizi didn't expect anyone else to see him, so he ran away. Su Wanchun was able to swim, and after struggling in the water for a while, she stabilized her body and surfaced. Lady Huang stretched out her hand and pulled her up. "Are you all right?" She said fearfully. "Are you all right?" "Master, I'm all right." Su Wanchun struggled to climb up the bank. Aji also came over at this time, frightened the teacup in her hand fell to the ground: "How can the master fall into the water, the maidservant should not leave!" "I don't blame you, it's Xiaoxizi." Before she finished, Su Wanchun covered her stomach: "My stomach hurts a little. Hurry up and call Yang Taiyi over." My child, my mother is careless today. Don't have an accident. Otherwise, what should I do! Huang Niangzi picked up Su Wanchun back to the boudoir, Aji hurriedly called someone to find Honghui them, and then sent someone to inform Yin Zhen and Yang Taiyi. Chapter 409 a good plan. Hong Hui is writing in the room at this time,14 needle valve, Hong Yun and Hong Shi are drawing with pens. Little Xizi came in breathlessly and said to them, "Elder brother, Fujin has gone out for a walk in the street. Let the slave come and ask you to go together. Let's go through the small gate. It's closer there." "Yes!" Hong Shi and Hong Yun put down their smiles. They like shopping best.