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The husband of the underworld is vigorous
« on: December 14, 2022, 01:02:47 AM »
The man in front of us. Is really distressed for me! His lips were pressed down with deep love. Just as we were warming up, my coat fell off the bed with a bang, and a handful of one-dollar coins spilled out of my coat pocket. What a romantic and ambiguous world of two people, this thing just fell out to make trouble! Bai Chuheng loosened me and frowned slightly. I hastened to explain: "I think Ergouzi's one-yuan steel ladle was very powerful that day, so I put more in it to ward off evil spirits.." Bah, I didn't mean that. Bai Chuheng seemed to have heard a big joke and snorted, "You little fool, Ergouzi has some skills, how can you hold an ordinary steel ladle in your hand?". In the past, Taoist priests mostly used copper coins. That was in the past. Copper coins were the currency in circulation. Over a hundred families passed through the hands of ten thousand people, and Yang Qi was heavy. Nowadays, copper coins are dug out from coffins, not only without Yang Qi but also with Yin Qi, so naturally they can not be used. Ergouzi also conformed to the times and thought of these steel bars, but the ones in his hands were all open light, and you didn't work. I hung my head like a child who had done something wrong, and my heart trembled when I remembered how Ergouzi and I had treated him before. You must not hold a grudge ah, now Ergouzi do not know where to die,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, if you think of it, I can not burp every minute! Nima's romantic and ambiguous world of two people has become a critical moment of life and death in a second. Bai Chuheng seemed to be able to see through my mind and turned around and crushed me on the bed. "I'm in a good mood, so I don't want to kill anyone." I turned my head to one side in shame. Bai Chuheng did not intend to let me go like this, he pinched my chin with his hand, turned my head over, and asked me to look at him. There was a playful smile on his lips. "Woman, I really like you more and more." Maybe it's because he just saved me,precision welded tubes, and I'm grateful to him in my heart. When he said this sentence, I did not have the previous sense of disgust, but a gentle swing in the bottom of my heart, as if something was dizzy. The next morning, I was woken up by my mobile phone, which was a strange number. Hello "Is it Xiao Qing? I'm your Aunt Yao." Gu Bo's mother's surname is Yao. Her voice was urgent, and she called early in the morning, and I felt vaguely that something had happened. Xiaoqing, the Public Security Bureau called and said that Erdan had been arrested for gathering a crowd to fight. Can you think of a way to beg your father to find a relationship to get people out. If my two eggs go in, it will be difficult to find a wife in the village. Aunt Yao, please. "I'm sure I'll do it. Don't worry, Aunt Yao.". I'll let you know when I have news. I hung up the phone in a hurry. It must be because of what happened yesterday. I dragged Gu Bo down. Dachong family has a relationship, he can not find the trouble of Bai Chuheng, aluminium coated tubes ,beam impact tubes, it can only start from Gu Bo. I can't talk to my dad about this. He can speak, but he always has opinions about Gu Bo. He certainly won't help. The person who tied the bell must untie it. If you want the police to release you, you still have to go to Dachong. I got dressed and went out. Bai Chuheng heard the phone call, followed out, "yesterday let me kill that boy, now nothing is done." I really want to ask him, what is human life in his eyes, is not everyone like Gu Bo's grandmother, as long as he does not like it, can be killed. But when the words came to my lips, I swallowed them again. ***, I'm a coward, I dare not! I furtively glared at Bai Chuheng, and my affection for him was instantly cleared. Out of the Universal Hotel, Bai Chuheng drove a Bentley and waited at the door. My eyes were about to fall off. Bai Chuheng opened the car door. "Come up." I sat in and groped around for fear it was made of paper. Where did you get this car? I admit that I have never been in such a good car in my life, or even touched it. Bai Chuheng glanced at me, "I bought it." Can ghost money still buy this thing? I suddenly felt that I should burn some for myself, but I didn't know if I was still alive and could receive it. He snorted, "I took out any of my funerary objects, and there were more than that.". If you like it, this car is for you. Nima is really a local tyrant, with the stink of money of capitalists all over her body! But I like it! This is a world of looking at faces, but also a world of looking at money. A Bentley stopped at the gate of the detention center and immediately came out to greet the film police.
The film police thought it was the son of a high-ranking official, but it seemed that they didn't know each other. "What are you two?" "One of my friends is locked up by you. Let me see." Bai Chuheng's voice was cold, his whole body was domineering, and he looked like a man who was either rich or noble. As soon as he spoke, he went inside, and the film police did not dare to stop him. I followed behind Bai Chuheng, and I have to say that this guy's aura is not something that ordinary people can hohd. Bai Chuheng reported the name of Ergouzi. Because Ergouzi was the person who had been specially told by Dachong, the film police could not decide, so they took us to the lounge and went to find the leader in charge. As soon as the director heard that it was the two men who had driven the Bentley and wanted to see the man who had been told by Dachong, he did not dare to delay for a moment. The director came before the bench was hot in the lounge. The director was in his forties, dressed in civilian clothes, with a bulging belly, bloodshot eyes on his fat face, and dark circles under his eyes that could catch up with the national treasure. He did not know how many nights he had not slept. Hello, hello. The director stretched out his hand warmly and shook hands with Bai Chuheng. Bai Chuheng turned his hand to his back and glanced at the director with his eyelids. "Something happened to someone in your family." ***, threaten the director! Even if Bai Chuheng doesn't understand the interpersonal relationship between living people, he can't rely entirely on force. Otherwise, even if Gu Bo comes out, he is also a fugitive! As soon as I reached out to pull Bai Chuheng aside, I heard the director say excitedly,stainless steel 304 pipes, "What do you mean?" 015 Two shortsighted men "Your child provoked something.". People are not people and ghosts are not ghosts now. You went to a Taoist priest, but it didn't work. After listening to Bai Chuheng's words, the director's face suddenly turned white. This is disgraceful and suspected of feudal superstition. He keeps secrets from everyone around him. The chief asked the film police to go out. Just the three of us in the lounge. He looked at Bai Chuheng. "You can get the news.". It's a bit of a skill. What do you want? 。