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Chinese medical immortal
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On the surface, the headmaster said it was the master's face, but in fact, he used the strange old man to press Yi Yongheng. If he knew that Yi Yongheng was not the strange old man's apprentice at all, there would be no pressure at all, and he did not know what to think. Then again, as far as the vegetarian guys in the College of Western Medicine are concerned, Yi Yongheng still doesn't care. Even if he looks for a professor from the College of Western Medicine, Yi Yongheng is confident that they have no face at all. If you don't believe me, why should you invite me? If you believe it, it will work; if you don't believe it, it won't work. Yi Yongheng deliberately said. Hey, how can I not believe you? I just remind you not to underestimate the enemy. The headmaster's tone became obscene again. Don't just blame me. You didn't tell me what I told you. Yi Yongheng asked rudely. "How dare I say what the teacher told me? Even if the emperor Lao Tzu comes, I don't care about him." The headmaster made a solemn promise. Then the headmaster nagged for a while before hanging up the phone, thinking of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he thought of Lin Xiaoyu, but the past has become a memory, first love has not yet begun, has been lost, just because they are no longer friends. .. At this time, the headmaster sat in the office with a relaxed look on his face. Although the rumors about his threesome had not passed a few days ago, he was no longer in his heart, just because of this competition. The university of Chinese medicine is divided into two colleges, one is the college of Western medicine and the other is the college of Chinese medicine. Every year, there is a competition. There is no doubt that every time the college of Chinese medicine is defeated by the College of Western medicine. This situation is precisely the year his teacher left and the year he took office. It has been ten years since then. He has been carrying this heavy burden for ten years. He doesn't know why the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is depressed after the teacher left. He doesn't understand why he is so bad? But this time is different,die casting parts, perhaps there is only providence in the dark, the teacher sent a genius apprentice, finally helped him, perhaps tomorrow, Chinese medicine college will be proud and elated, ten years of humiliation will be washed away in one day. Chapter 61, the dispute between China and the West. The sky is overcast, the air is mixed with this dull smell, here is not the countryside,socket screw plug, can not see the scene of ants moving, it looks like it is obviously holding a heavy rain. It is a good habit to go to bed early and get up early, and Yi Yongheng, who practices Wuqinxi, is no exception. Although the efficacy of the mysterious pot is very good, without the change of the four seasons, there is no feeling of bright sky and earth day and night. Early in the morning Liu Fei came, this wench disappeared for several days, do not know where to go, but according to the previous few days, she should be busy in order to deal with the aftermath of it. This girl did not wear the kind of very exposed today, obviously because of the weather changes, purple casual pants with a long-sleeved T-shirt, plus casual shoes on the soles of the feet, quite a kind of sports female feeling. It still looks good to the eye. Yi Yongheng said lightly. Liu Fei just glared at him and said nothing. Compared with usual, she was much less vexatious. Anyway, Yi Yongheng, deep draw stamping ,metal stamping parts, a guy with almost zero EQ, could not guess why she was like this. Small four or as usual, suit and leather shoes, quite urban white-collar flavor, but the body of the rogue temperament is clothes can not hide, it seems that the sentence is right, temperament is different feeling is different. When he got on the bus, Yi Yongheng found a man sitting in the front row. This man was also in a suit and leather shoes like Xiao Si, but compared with Xiao Si, he was far away. Although he was just sitting there, the subtle change in his eyes was captured by Yi Yongheng. This man was a soldier, and he belonged to the special army. Only the soldiers from the army were so alert. Boss, my name is Hu Zeliang. Brother Qiang asked me to come. After the last time which file, Wang Qiang is obviously afraid, can not Yi Yongyong out of anything, this person is obviously sent by Wang Qiang to protect Yi Yongyong. Although he is not very tall, his inner tough temperament can not be concealed by the suit. Regarding Wang Qiang's arrangement, Yi Yongheng actually did not have any opinion, nodded and stretched out his hand: "Welcome.".
” See so call zeliang a Leng, can't think of the boss so approachable, think of strong elder brother said the strength of the boss is not simple, he gave birth to the idea of testing, two people's hands together, call zeliang a little force, but he found that although the boss's hand is much smaller than him, but it is like a mountain, he can't shake a cent, at this time he believed the strong elder brother's words. The strength of the boss is unfathomable. Take the hand back to the car slowly started, for HuZeliang's test, Yi Yongheng did not fight back, nor blame him, Wang Qiang to find people, he naturally trusted, and with Wang Qiang's strength, the people under him will not be low where to go, soldiers have a competitive heart, Yi Yongheng is very fond of this character, if HuZeliang does not test Yi Yongyong, On the contrary, it was the kind of respectful attitude that Yi Yongheng had to look down on him. After a while, the bus arrived at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today is destined to be an unusual day. There are banners hanging at the entrance of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The competition between Chinese and Western colleges is full of gunpowder. When the car drove in, the guard just wanted to stop it, but when he saw Yi Yongheng on the car, he immediately shut up and let it go directly. Who dares to stop this perverted guy. After getting off the bus, Yi Yongheng greeted Hu Zeliang: "Brother Liang, you and Xiao Si go around for a walk. Liu Fei and I will go to the college." Yi Yongheng has a natural reverence for soldiers, especially those in this special army, so Yi Yongheng doesn't mind calling him a good brother. Hearing this, Hu Zeliang was stunned, but still refused Yi Yongheng: "Sorry boss, brother Qiang said let me follow you all the time." Nodding his head, Yi Yongheng knew that the soldier's bounden duty was to obey. He knew that even he might not be able to command the soldier: "Well, you and Xiao Si don't need to follow me too closely." With that, Yi Yongheng naturally took Liu Fei's hand and walked in the campus, while Hu Zeliang behind him muttered: "Young,non standard fasteners, courageous, careful observation, is a material to do great things." "What are you muttering about?" Xiao Si handed over a cigarette.