Author Topic: How lucky I am to marry you.  (Read 31 times)


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How lucky I am to marry you.
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Ear echoed with Mu Lengqian deep and magnetic voice, is so pleasant to listen to, Gu long with his breathing rhythm, breathing together. Another wave of severe pain hit, Gu Long frowned into a line, gritted his teeth to endure, holding the bed guardrail tightly in one hand, and Mu Lengqian, who accompanied her into the delivery room, held it in the palm of his hand. Come on, honey, take it easy. I will always be with you. Mu Lengqian frowned, wrapped her little hand in her big hand, and comforted her over and over again, teaching her to cooperate with the contraction of the uterus, to exert herself rhythmically, and to control her physical exertion. Gu was very grateful for his company in his heart, and the physical pain became not so unbearable. Just because it was him. Honey, you sing to me, I want to listen. Music can relax people. She slanted her head to look at him and found that under his calm and calm face, there was a tiny crack. Gu felt a little surprised in his heart. He couldn't help pulling the corners of his mouth and begged pitifully, "Husband, sing for me. I feel uncomfortable.." She had never heard Mu Lengqian sing, nor did she know what he looked like when he sang,Automatic nail machine, but now she just wanted to hear him sing. Under the expectant eyes with tears, Mu Lengqian compromised, but he could sing too few songs. Search in memory, and only in the army. They learned a Cantonese song with Luo Yishen. Without flowers, will this moment be destroyed? Without wildfire, will it be warm? Without fireworks, can we celebrate together? If love is as false as a drama, as beautified as a set, even hugging refers to the protagonist? You say that I fail to time,Iron Nail Making Machine, make you laugh once a day, I did not say a beautiful line, is a defect definition in your heart, flowing into the thorns in the corner of your eyes, why is it not romantic also a crime? Why not roaring is a very bad thing, never aware of my every movement, no sound has the irrefutable evidence of love for you. The doctors and nurses in the delivery room were amazing for a few seconds, people outside said that Mu San Shao loved his wife deeply, originally they didn't believe it, but since Mrs. San Shao was hospitalized for delivery, they gradually believed that Mu San Shao loved Mrs. San Shao miserably, until this moment, they saw Mu San Shao in the delivery room. Just a man who loves his wife. Gu's ears echoed with his deep and beautiful singing, even if the pain of tearing his lower body made him cry, it was also happy tears, although he had been singing this song circularly, but it was enough. …… The sound of my breathing has already shown that everything will be guaranteed with a lifetime. In the last line of his song, Coil nail machine ,wire nail making machine, which he did not know how many times he had gone through, she used up all her strength with tears in her eyes and a smile at the corners of her mouth. With the encouragement of the doctor, she felt her stomach empty and a big stone fell from her heart. Xiao Bao was born in his father's song. Then there was a loud cry, and Gu closed his eyes wearily and fell asleep. Doctor Mu Lengqian is frightened, "see how my wife is?" The doctor handed the baby to the nurse, went to the mother's side and said, "Don't worry, Mrs. San Shao, this is caused by fatigue during childbirth. It will be all right as long as you have more rest." "Mmm." Mu Lengqian gazed lovingly at the sleeping person, took a towel to dry the cold sweat on her forehead, and straightened out her wet hair. Nurse young lady is holding baby in the arms to walk over: "3 little, do you want to see young master?" Mu Lengqian glanced at the little thing with a wrinkled face and thought how ugly it was. How could it be compared with his appearance? He snorted, "OK, take it away." Eh? The nurse was dumbfounded, looking at Mu San Shao's reaction, how could she not like the young master very much? But that's not what she can be curious about. Not long after, Mu Lengqian accompanied Gu back to the original VIP ward. Pellet with blood. The baby was born at full term, and about 40 minutes later, he was sent to Gu's ward. Mrs. Gu personally came to take care of her grandson, and Mu Lengqian could only order people to draw the curtains in the ward, divide the ward into two parts, and place the crib on the other side, to be taken care of by Mrs. Gu.
In front of his mother-in-law, Mu Lengqian could not lie in bed with the girl, so he took a chair and sat on the edge of the bed quietly watching the people on the bed, holding a tablet computer in his hand, dealing with official business. A wave of messages popped up in the computer, all wishing him and the girl to have a son. Mu Lengqian was in a good mood, so he patiently replied one by one. His behavior of completely subverting the image of the past made Luo Yishen tease them. Luo Yishen: Ke Ming, your eldest brother is replying to our messages one by one. I'm so scared! Du Keming: Although he is my eldest brother, I have to tell the truth that the eldest brother is not a normal person. Mu Lengqian looked calm, fingers on the screen a few points: "Once, no wife you can not understand my feelings, at this moment, no son of you, the same can not understand.". As soon as Luo Yishen saw his ostentatious words, he immediately quit: "Asen's son is older than your son!"! Why are you showing off, Ah Sen? Shangguansen was just watching the play, but he didn't expect to be dragged into the water by Luo Yishen, so he had to type a line of words: The greatest satisfaction in life is to eat the food cooked by his wife and listen to his son call his father in front of him. Luo Yishen: Call Dad, this is good, ha! Du Keming looked, immediately there is a kind of impulse to want to get off the line, but accidentally sent a silly smile expression, immediately want to die of the heart! Mu Lengqian's deep black eyes glanced at the other side of the curtain. His son was sleeping soundly in the cradle at the moment. Even when he opened his eyes, he couldn't call his father. He took back his sight and stared at the line of words typed by Shangguansen. Then there was Luo Yishen's dazzling laugh. But he didn't expect that Du Keming's courage was also fat, hehehe, very good! Mu Leng's modest black eyes narrowed, reflecting a touch of dangerous light, and the corners of his mouth outlined a beautiful radian, with only six ellipses. One of the profound meaning, let them taste it! Almost instantaneously, Du Keming's head turned gray, showing that he had slipped away. Luo Yishen and Shangguan Sen in the computer that end,Nail machine manufacturer, in the heart have Tucao Du Keming hands and feet too fast, unexpectedly faster than their reaction, how can this.