Author Topic: Saudi man news reveals married 53 times to find the right man 1  (Read 98 times)


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Saudi man news reveals married 53 times to find the right man 1
« on: September 30, 2022, 05:41:57 AM »

Saudi man recounts life experience, married 53 times, notเกมสล็อตfor lust But because I'm looking for the right woman Get married and get divorced in just one day.

On September 11, the Gulf News website reported that the 63-year-old Saudi man had revealed to the media that He has been married 53 times, for which he has not been married many times. because he wants to satisfy his lust but because he was trying to find the right person

Reason: married girls, adoptive father, 21 years apart, sweet wedding, no drama

The Dan said man, 63-year-old Abu, said the first time he married he didn't think he would have to marry many more times. He wants comfort and children. However, he began to face problems in marriage. and made him decide that he would divorce and find a new wife.

Mr Abu said he had been married to 53 women, the first when he was 20 and his first wife over six, reaffirming his will to find a woman who could make him happy. and he gave equal opportunities to all women he married.

The man was married 53 times. The earliest married and divorced people stayed for one night only. But there is no telling why the divorce is so early.

Mr Abu said he was now married to a woman. And he has no plans to marry now.


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